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In 2005 D.C., February, one rare event united the West and East hemispheres of the Earth: at the same moment when Brazil was celebrating the Carnival, Taiwan was celebrating the Chinese New Year. In this moment, affinity and joy spread all around the world, *Da Terra Company* idea was born also. Then, preparations to build the first Brazilian culture thematic coffee shop in Taiwan, started in Brazil.


*Da Terra* symbolizes our daily lives as a gift from the Land (*Da Terra* means "From the Land" in Portuguese). She provides us the life perpetuation and gives us everything we need, gives us the opportunity to find friendship and union.


*Da Terra* was founded with the objective of unite the two hemispheres, building thematic spaces that represent the many diverse cultures around the globe, sharing information and building a channel for each country's legislation consultancy and opening business opportunities.


Objective of Café e Cultura thematic spaces:

  • Satisfy Coffee appraisers with a nice meeting point with easy access, for discussions and interchange of cultures, language, travels, life, legislations and business opportunities.


Communication Language:

  • In our coffee shops you can be kindly attended in ^O^ Portuguese, Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, etc.


Da Terra Company Ltd.
No:348  Goung Yu St.
Ping Dong  -900-
Taiwan  R.O.C. (Formosa)
Ph : +886 8 737-1795


E-mail: daterra@daterrabiz.com





Company Registration Number at the Economy Department: 27871227


Company Registration Approval Date:  AUGUST 17th 2005


Company Name:  Da Terra Company Ltd .


Responsible: Lin Chang Meng


Subscribed Capital Stock: NT$ 2,000,000


Company Type: Ltd.


Address: No:348  Goung Yu St.  Ping Dong


Type of Activities:  1 International Trade Business F401010            


                               2 Equipments Wholesaler F113010


                               3 Tea Wholesaler F102050


                               4 Drinks & Beverages Wholesaler F102040


                               5 Food & Grocery Wholesaler F102170


                               6 Hardware Wholesaler F106010


                               7 Domestic Appliances Wholesaler F106020


                               8 Agricultural, Animal and Aquatic Products

                                  Wholesaler F101990


                               9 Ceramics, Porcelains, Glasses and Vases      

                                   Wholesaler F106050


                              10 Machines and Accessories Retailer F213080


                              11 Food, Drinks & Beverages Retailer F203010


                              12 Domestic Appliances Retailer F206020


                              13 Hardware Retailer F206010


                              14 Agricultural, Animal and Aquatic Products

                                    Retailer F201990


                              15 General Goods and Real Estate Rental



                              16 Any other legal activity without official regulation



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